Welcome to the wedding FAQs


What's your style?

When it comes to the dance floor, I'm all about strutting like there's nobody watching.  Oh sorry, you meant photography style? Relaxed reportage -  all the way.  

How many hours do you shoot for?

My price covers 8 hours but I rarely leave on time.  The best hugs happen on the dance floor so I often find it hard to peel myself away from photographing that bit.

Can we meet up?

I'm a massive fan of getting together before your big day...with or without cake.  But preferably with cake.  Actually, can we definitely have cake?  Not only are these meet ups a great chance for you to share any supercharged-multi-tab-spreadsheet-wedding-schedules with me (genuinely love those), they're a fantastic opportunity for me to learn about the things and, more importantly, the people that matter to you as a couple.

Do you take formal group shots?

Absolutely.  As much as I shoot in a very relaxed reportage style, I am very supportive of finding time for any group shots you may want.  If we work together and are organised, we can crack through these shots as quickly as possible so you can get back to the party. 

When and how will we receive our photos?

I like to email a couple of images to you within 48 hrs of the wedding but the full, password protected gallery will be ready within 6 weeks of the wedding.  You will also receive hi-res jpegs on a memory stick.  

Can we get a dozen mugs made up with the shot of us cutting the cake?

Hell yeah!  Once I've sent over your hi-res images, you're good to go.  I do offer a print ordering service which you and your guests can use (believe me, the quality is gorgeous) but you can go it alone if you'd rather.  Copyright for the photographs remains with me so no amending images,  selling them or entering into competitions thank you very much.  

Do you want to be fed?

Being a wedding photographer requires champion amounts of walking backwards whilst squatting during the ceremony/confetti line/speeches so I'm always grateful if your fabulous catering team can prepare something for me but please don't feel the need to lay on what your guests will be having.

What about albums?

Your wedding day is a rich story about you and your loved ones and, as much as we all love a rolling screen saver, there's nothing nicer than having the memories printed, in a beautiful book.  I offer an album service which we can chat about whenever you like.

If you have any more questions, please drop me a line at info@littlelanternphotography.co.uk



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